“STRONG LINE” Collaboration with Worn By Warriors


A collaboration piece between Painted Lady & Worn By Warriors.

I’m not sure about you but when I am teaching yoga, practicing yoga or just moving through life I love having a crystal or stone with me. I keep them close to help me feel grounded, strong, balanced and to allow for healing.

I approached one of my favorite jewelry designers and to ask if she could create a piece for me, a different way of keeping my crystals and stones close.

Worn By Warriors and I (Painted Lady) call this one “Strong Line”, an extension of you, on and off the mat. When I need to hold on for grounding or when I am ready to let go, this piece remains with me.

After months of loving my Strong Line bracelet we wanted to share it with all of you! Today this line is available at Painted Lady Studio or through wornbywarriors.com

Please send any questions you may have to myself or Worn by Warriors. Pricing varies $60-$70 and custom orders are available.