YOGA: Join us for community classes that are suited for all levels and experience.

COMMUNITY CLASSES WITH ASHLEY: While this approach to yoga can be considered a little unconventional, the idea is to have moving bodies in a safe and fun environment, while challenging students to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Every class focuses on powerful yoga flows while beginning and ending with a gentle inward focus. We will spend our time together digging a little deeper into the understanding of ourselves. You can always count on great music and a little humor to get you through. Each yoga class is about finding personal grounding while enjoying time to play.


Becca’s Restore and Renew class is gentle, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever this crazy world throws at you. Through the use of supportive props and long holds, gravity does the work for you as you drift into yoga bliss. This class is for all levels.

Becca’s Just Fucking Yoga Class is a chance for you explore different flows and movement. Join Becca in the early morning to move your body and land with yourself.


This energizing flow class explores movement and breath. The intention of this class is to create a deeper awareness and connection to the self, increase mobility and strength, while releasing tension. All levels are encouraged to attend, and modifications are offered to meet you where you are.


Private yoga sessions are personally built around the student and will focus on yoga foundation, exploration of movement and primal movement education. If you have personal yoga goals we will spend time building toward those while taking time to play.

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Personal Training

Personal training sessions are built to fit the individual needs of each client.

Individual training involves a personal fitness assessment, specific to each client and their needs. This includes physical fitness training sessions, nutritional guidance, coaching, and support. “Change” cannot be forced, and the desire to make positive changes must come from within oneself. When you are ready for those changes I am here; to motivate, coach and cheer you on as you progress through your journey to improved health and fitness.

This process begins with the completion of client information forms, which consist of personal fitness, health, and lifestyle information. In addition to this, we will assess your fitness goals, motivation levels and nutrition information to create a personal fitness plan is designed for your specific needs and tailored to your life! Offered with this fitness program will be nutrition guidelines to assist individuals in making healthier choices regarding what they eat. We recognize that lifestyle can conflict with nutrition, and will offer healthy meal ideas and foods that are achievable in your daily life.

Incentive is key, and throughout the duration of the program you will receive motivational check-ins. The focus is to be attentive to your individual needs, make sure you are comfortable with the process, answer any questions you have, and keep you updated and informed. The intention is to leave you feeling better than you ever have while enjoying the journey!

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Monthly and weekly coaching sessions can provide clients with the tools needed to promote health and align with their values.

These sessions are built specifically to the client and what they are looking to change in their lives. Coaching sessions are for clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes in their life. Each session will focus on health and wellness in all capacities (physical, mental and emotional) while helping each individual align with their values and goals to truly enhance all wellbeing. You will surround yourself with challenging life questions while finding the positive energy and capacity to look inward for personal change. Every session is about honouring that each client is an expert in their own lives and ensuring the self-talk and interactions are non-judgemental and respectful. These sessions are about creating a safe space to find growth and acceptance.

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Another unconventional approach to relaxation: Thai Yoga inspired massage.

Each massage runs an hour in length and is focused on making space within the body. Rather than the typical rubbing on muscles, this Thai inspired massage focuses on lengthening muscles, rhythmic pressing movements, compression ect. all while the body is being pulled and stretched.

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Work Shops

Painted Lady Studio offers a wide range of workshops and specialty classes. An example is the ever popular art-yoga night, in which the studio partners with local paint-texture artist Vanesa Martin in two-session, two-hour yoga/texture painting evening complete with snacks and beverages.

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Where To Find Me

You can find me at Painted Lady Studio each week, teaching community classes. Keep up to date with any other locations to find me through the website and all our social media channels.

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