M3 Collective

M3 Collective

WHEN: Wednesday July 31st
TIME: 7-9pm
WHERE: Painted Lady Fitness Studio

Join Ashley of Painted Lady Fitness & Raj Akal (Lisa Marie) of Spiritual Alchemy for this exciting new initiative!M3Collective

We have been feeling this high vibration for months and we want to share this with with you. The M3 Collective is a gathering of like-minded beings who are interested in raising vibration together and ascending into wellness and awareness together as one!

Each event we will share Movement, Mindfulness & Mentorship. Our focus is to serve each of you in the most colourful way; while sharing what elevates us most in life in order to help elevate YOU!

M3 events are all about rising up together as a conscious community focused on natural wellness, love-based living, and profound shifts in healthy & healing lifestyles.

Ashley and I feel the M3 Movement becoming such a powerful and inspiring part of this life and we want to share all of our secrets with you.

You can sit with us! All beings are welcome at these events. Men, women, beings of all walks of life, all shapes and all energy levels…we are accepting of all beings who are excited about living a healthy, and FUN life, right now.

Expect these events to be different each time, but you can also always expect Movement, Mindfulness, and Mentorship. We will be challenged in different ways each event. We will be lovingly supported at each event. Most importantly, we will create deep connections with other amazing members of this growing community each event.

We CANNOT wait wait to kick off this inaugural M3 Collective event with you! Space limited.

SOUL INVESTMENT: $50 per person
Email: [email protected] to register