Bend & Blaze


Date: Monday July 15th
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Location: Painted Lady Fitness Studio
Cost: $30 + hst
Register: [email protected]

Bend & Blaze Yoga is for like-minded people who love and appreciate both yoga and cannabis. If you are a cannabis user or just curious, if you have or haven’t done yoga this class is for you. This class is for the experienced and the beginner. Together with a community of like-minded people we can help to create a new wave, to bring to light and promote the use of cannabis as a wellness tool, with many healing properties. Educate yourself and your body through this slow burn practice. Learn the benefits of CBD and experience how to move your body in a mindful and healthful way.

Each class is an hour and a half and lead by Ashley & Raj Akal (Lisa Marie). The first thirty minutes is spent settling in, followed by an hour of movement. We will exercise thoughtfulness within our bodies, Kundalini breath work and mediations, in a fun and playful environment. Throughout this practice we will be mindful of any sensations that may surface for you be it physical, mental or emotional. Together we will hold space as we challenge ourselves to slow down and clear our minds while connecting with our bodies.

We will focus on mechanical movement and alignment-based instruction to avoid injury or discomfort. Combining movement, meditation and education in an open-minded environment, this class is designed for all bodies and all levels of experience with yoga and cannabis.

Benefits of Cannabis Yoga:
Cultivate deeper patience, connect with your breathing and stay present
Deepens meditation
Tranquility, inner connection, concentration on internal state
Facilitates movement and treats pain
Reduces inflammation in the body
Understanding and beautification of self
Full body relaxation