Slow Burn Cannabis Yoga Info


Have you ever wondered what a cannabis infused yoga experience looks like? How does it work? Do I have to be a regular yogi? Do I have to be a regular cannabis user? Is cannabis necessary? Let me provide some answers.

Each class is a safe space to explore both movement and cannabis, whatever that looks like to you. Coming to a class pre elevated is not mandatory, nor do you have to be an everyday consumer of cannabis. This is a yoga class infused with cannabis to help relax and deepen your experience. CBD will be offered allowing you to experience the cannabis benefits without the psychoactive experience.

We will begin each class with a 30 minute happy hour, a brief discussion on the relationship between cannabis and yoga/wellness. After that, the class is all yours. It’s slow gentle, peaceful, soft and fluid. There are no complex asana here, just gentle feel-good stuff and don’t forget all the amazing music and vibes to be shared. Let’s create comfort around wellness, movement and cannabis and remove anxiety or intimidation of this powerful plant.

If you have anymore questions or comments please feel free to reach out.